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Completing Form 8843

Form 8843

Tips for Completing Form 8843 (continued)

Part III

Use these tips when completing Part III of Form 8843 for students.

Line Tip

Enter the name, address, and telephone number of the academic institution you attended during 2023

Students who attend more than one academic institution during the year should report the one they attended at the end of the year.

Enter the name, address, and telephone number of the director of the academic or other specialized program you participated in during 2023

This should be someone the IRS can contact, if necessary, to verify that the student was present at the school. Students can list the foreign student advisor if necessary.

Enter the type of U.S. visa (F, J, M, or Q) you held during…

If the type of visa you held during any of these years changed, attach a statement showing the new visa type and the date it was acquired.

Were you exempt as a teacher, trainee, or student for any part of more than 5 calendar years? If you checked the “Yes” box on line 12, you must provide sufficient facts on an attached statement to establish that you do not intend to reside permanently in the United States.

Self explanatory. However, if claiming the closer connection exception, please include a statement indicating that the election to exclude days beyond the 5-year period is being made, and that the following are true:

(1) does not intend to reside permanently in the United States;

(2) has substantially complied with the immigration laws and requirements relating to his or her student nonimmigrant status;

(3) has not taken any steps to change his nonimmigrant status in the United States toward becoming a permanent resident of the United States; and

(4) has a closer connection to a foreign country than to the United States as evidenced by the factors listed in Treasury Regulation 301.7701(b)-2(d)(1).

During 2023, did you apply for, or take other affirmative steps to apply for, lawful permanent resident status in the United States or have an application pending to change your status to that of a lawful permanent resident of the United States?

The IRS uses this information to determine whether the student is taking any steps to become a permanent resident and whether the student is still entitled to treaty benefits.