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Completing Form 8843

Form 8843

Tips for Completing Form 8843

When filling out Form 8843, tax preparers must obtain information on why the student or scholar is in this country and information about the student's educational institution. Generally:

  • Students complete Parts I and III
  • Scholars (Teachers and Trainees) complete Parts I and II
  • Parts IV and V are not covered in the VITA program (Out of Scope); refer professional athletes and people with medical conditions to a professional tax preparer.
  • Signing the Form is only required if filing without a Form 1040-NR

If a child has to file a tax return or Form 8843, but can't sign the return, the child's parent, guardian, or another legally responsible person must sign the child's name, followed by the words "By (your signature), parent for minor child."


Accompanying spouses or children in related immigration statuses (J-2, F-2, etc.), complete the same sections as the primary (J-1, F-1, etc.).

If the taxpayer is paper filing Form 1040-NR, attach Form 8843 to it. Mail the tax return and the Form 8843 by the due date (including extensions) to the address shown in the tax return instructions. The same due date applies if the taxpayer does not have a 1040-NR filing requirement and is filing Form 8843 as a single document to the address listed in the Form 8843 instructions.