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Completing Form 8843

Form 8843

Tips for Completing Form 8843 (continued)

Part I

Use these tips when completing the top portion of Form 8843.

Question Tip

Type of U.S. visa and date you entered the United States / Current non-immigrant status and date of change

This question is asking what the current immigration status is. Questions 1a and 1b can confuse students and scholars because they may enter the U.S. in F-2 status and then change to F-1 immigration status. The date is only listed on 1b if the status is changed. Otherwise, list the status only.

Country or countries of citizenship during the tax year

For taxpayers who have dual citizenship, list the country with which they have the closest connection.

Country or countries issuing passport / Passport number

When a passport is in a foreign language, ask the taxpayer to translate the issuing country and number.

Number of days present in the U.S. / Excluded days

Taxpayers must count the actual number of days they were in the U.S.

Often, 4a will be the same as 4b for the current year.

Form 8843, Part I.