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Completing Form 8843

Form 8843

Tips for Completing Form 8843 (continued)

Part II

Use these tips when completing Part II of Form 8843 for scholars.

Line Tip

5 and 6

This question is asking what academic institution the scholar was employed or trained at during the year. Scholars, teachers, and trainees sometimes leave this area blank because they think it means they attended classes.

If they were at more than one place, report the most recent place.


Like line 1a and 1b, this question can confuse scholars because their immigration status may have changed during the year even though they do not have a new visa.

If the type of visa you held during any of these years changed, attach a statement showing the new visa type and the date it was acquired.


Were you exempt in the United States as a teacher, trainee, or student for any part of 2 of the 6 prior calendar years?

Form 8843, Part II.