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to the Foreign Student Course

Over 500,000 International student and scholars are at American colleges and universities to study, teach, and do research. Many of these individuals need assistance understanding their tax obligations. Failure of nonresidents to comply with U.S. tax laws can lead to monetary penalties and immigration problems.

This course is designed to teach tax preparers to:

  • Distinguish between resident and nonresident aliens
  • Determine whether a nonresident alien is required to file
  • Determine the correct forms to file
  • Determine whether a tax treaty applies and determine which income is taxable and which is excludable
  • Correctly complete Form 8843, Forms 1040NR and 1040NR-EZ

The Foreign Student certification path covers the following specific tax laws:

  • Residency Status
  • Filing Requirements
  • Tax Treaties
  • Filing Status and Dependents
  • Nonresident Income and Deductions
  • Completing Form 8843
  • Finishing the Return
  • Social Security Tax
  • State Income Tax

You may "test out" of the Foreign Student Course by achieving a passing score on the Test. Proceed through the course in the order shown to complete the training:

Envelopes and a mailbox.
  • Foreign Student Course
  • Foreign Student Test

Click Start Foreign Student Course to begin the training.