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Completing the Return



In this lesson, you will receive insights and information for concluding your interview with the taxpayer and completing the return.

Using the tools discussed in the Volunteer Resource Guide, share the following with taxpayers:

  • Which records/documents they should keep and why
  • What documentation is maintained at the site—why, how long, etc.
  • What they need to know and do if they overpaid their taxes (e.g., refund cycle dates, increasing the number of exemptions on Form W-4 to avoid overpayments). See Refund and Amount of Tax Owed lesson for additional information.
  • What they need to know and do if they owe additional taxes (e.g., payment due date, estimated tax payments, and reducing the number of exemptions on Form W-4 to increase withholding). See Payments lesson for additional information.

These are important tasks to accomplish after the tax return is completed, quality reviewed, and ready to be filed. The way you conclude the interview can impact taxpayers' attitudes toward their experience as taxpayers and their satisfaction with the volunteer tax return assistance program. It can also make next year's tax preparation easier for taxpayers and the volunteers who assist them.

Collage of volunteer and tax forms.