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Adjustments to Income Workout

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Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet

To identify the adjustments to income that a taxpayer can claim, you will need to ask the taxpayers if they had the types of expenses listed on the Adjustments to Income section of the tax return. Review the taxpayers’ answers on their intake and interview sheet.

Be sure to ask if, during the tax year, the taxpayer or spouse:

  • Paid qualified educator expenses
  • Received income from self-employment
  • Have self-employed health insurance?
  • Paid a penalty for early withdrawal of savings
  • Paid alimony
  • Made contributions to a traditional IRA
  • Made a contribution to a health savings account?
  • Paid student loan interest
  • Received income from jury duty that was turned over to an employer
  • Have a Form W-2 Box 12 code H contribution to Sec 501(c)(18)(D) pension plan?

If a taxpayer and the taxpayer's spouse contributed to a traditional and a Roth IRA, Check the taxpayer's birth date (and spouse's if applicable) indicated on the intake and interview sheet.

Part 3, Income, and Part 4, Expenses, on the intake and interview sheet.