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Affordable Care Act Workout

Premium Tax Credit

Case Study 4: Employer Sponsored Health Care

Adele is single with no dependents. She works part-time and has no offer of employer-sponsored health coverage. She projects her income to be $17,500 for the year (roughly 150% of FPL), based on her earnings at the same job in the prior year. She enrolls in a qualified health plan in the Marketplace and is determined eligible for APTC.

Adele's place of employment was closed for two weeks, unexpectedly lowering the number of hours she worked. Her employer also didn't pay an end-of-year bonus that she anticipated. Adele's actual household income for the year was $16,000. This income would make her eligible for Medicaid under her state's eligibility rules. However, based on Adele's projection of income when she enrolled in Marketplace coverage the Marketplace determined that she was not eligible for Medicaid. Therefore, Adele is treated as not eligible for Medicaid for the year and may be eligible for the PTC.

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