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Theme 3: Fairness in TaxesLesson 4: Proportional Taxes


Activity 1: Proportional Taxes and You

With proportional taxes, all taxpayers, regardless of income, pay the same flat rate. Although taxpayers are taxed at the same rate, proportional taxes can be considered regressive. A larger portion of income is taken from those with lower incomes. Learn how incomes from the following occupations are affected by a 10% proportional tax in the fictional town of Proportionalia: a lifeguard, an automotive technician, a mail carrier, a doctor, a rock musician

Tax Tip


"Match each occupation to the dollar amount that pays for a 10% proportional income tax by choosing the correct answer from the drop-down menu. To assess your answers, click the Check My Answers button at the bottom of the page."
~ Tina the Tax Tutor


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