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Amended and Prior Year Returns Workout

Refunds and Balance Due

Refund on Amended Return

If the amended return indicates that a refund is due, be sure to advise the taxpayer of the following:

  • The taxpayer must wait until the original return is processed.
  • The taxpayer can cash the original refund check, if any, while waiting for any additional refund.
  • Interest will be paid for a refund on an amended return from the due date of the original return or the date the original return was filed, whichever is later, to the date the amended return is filed. This interest will be taxable on the tax return for the year in which it is received.
  • Normal processing time for an amended return is 8 to 12 weeks.

The Refund or Amount You Owe section on Form 1040X must be filled out carefully. Look at line 17, "Overpayment, if any, as shown on original return." Enter the original refund on this line. However, if the IRS adjusted the refund, enter that amount instead of the original amount.

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