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Concluding the Interview

Closing the Contact

Final Steps

When taxpayers are ready to leave the site, show as much concern and interest as you did at the start of your time together:

  • Ask taxpayers, "Do you have any questions before we say goodbye?"
  • Advise taxpayers how to get answers to questions that may come up later.
  • Encourage taxpayers to consider volunteering if they seem interested in learning more about tax preparation. Provide them with contact information or take their contact information, depending on your site's procedures.
  • Ensure that you have the contact information needed to reach the taxpayers in case there are any problems with the e-filing of the return. It should be clear to taxpayers that you need accurate information to contact them if there should be a problem with the electronic transmission of their return (such as an invalid social security number). The return is not "filed" until the electronic system "accepts" the return.
  • Thank the taxpayers for using the service.
Volunteer at computer.