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Level Basic Advanced Military International

Quality Review of the Tax Return

Signing Form 1040

Site Identification Number (SIDN)

Each volunteer site has a nine-character alphanumeric Site Identification Number (SIDN) that starts with the letter "S." Volunteers must ensure that the correct SIDN has been entered in the box for Preparer's PTIN. Do not complete any other information in the Paid Preparer Use Only section.

The IRS captures a wide range of important statistical information from tax returns, including which returns were prepared at VITA/TCE tax preparation sites. It is critical that the correct SIDN is included on all returns prepared by VITA/TCE sites.

The Site Coordinator will provide the SIDN to the volunteers, along with other necessary guidelines for completing the return. Sites that use tax preparation software usually have the software programmed to automatically enter the SIDN on each return. The SIDN is reported in the Paid Preparer Use Only Section at the bottom of Form 1040, Page 2. If the correct SIDN is not in the Paid Preparer Use Only section, immediately inform the Site Coordinator.

Once you have obtained the taxpayer's signature or PIN and verified the SIDN, you are ready to assemble the return. Refer to the Concluding the Interview lesson for these steps.

Form 1040 showing the Preparer's PTIN filled in.