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Earned Income Credit (EIC) Workout

Calculating the Tax Credit

EIC Table

The EIC Worksheet instructs you to use the EIC Table to determine the credit. When using the EIC Table:

  • Read down the columns labeled "At least . . . But less than" and find the line that includes the amount you are instructed to look up from the EIC Worksheet.
  • Read across to the column that includes the taxpayer's filing status and the number of qualifying children.
  • Enter the earned income credit from that column on the EIC Worksheet.

Enter the amount on the Earned Income Credit line in the Payments section of the return.

Tax software hint.

Tax preparation software programs automatically calculate the correct amount of EIC.

More Information

To avoid errors, double-check that the page says "Earned Income Credit (EIC) Table." Be careful not to mistake the Tax Tables for the earned income credit tables. Look up the credit on the EIC table twice; once before you enter the credit on the worksheet, and again after you have entered it on the worksheet.

Second page of the EIC table
EIC Table

EIC Table