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Earned Income Credit (EIC) Workout

Rules for Taxpayers with Qualifying Children

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Randy and Cara are U.S. citizens who were married and lived together until August when they divorced. They have two children, Jimmy, 7, and Anna, 5. The children lived with both of their parents until August, and then they lived with their mother after the divorce.

Randy's earned income and adjusted gross income are $19,251. Cara's earned income is $14,751, and her adjusted gross income is $15,362.

For the purposes of the EIC, Jimmy and Anna might be qualifying children for _____.

Their mother, Cara
Their father, Randy
Either parent
Neither parent

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Two Form 1040s, one showing AGI of $19,251, and the other showing AGI of $15,362.
Summary of EIC Eligibility Requirements

Summary of EIC Eligibility Requirements