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5-Year Test Period Suspension

5-Year Test Period Suspension - Qualified Official Extended Duty

Taxpayers can choose to have the five-year test period for ownership and use suspended during any period the homeowner (either spouse if married) served on "qualified official extended duty" as a member of the uniformed services or Foreign Service of the United States, as an employee of the intelligence community, or as an employee or volunteer of the Peace Corps. This means that the taxpayer may be able to meet the two-year use test even if the taxpayer and/or spouse did not actually live in the home during the normal five-year period required of other taxpayers.

Taxpayers are on qualified official extended duty if they serve at a duty station at least 50 miles from their main home or live in government quarters under government order. Taxpayers are considered to be on extended duty when they are called to active duty for more than 90 days or an indefinite period.