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Additional Child Tax Credit

Who, How, and When

Puerto Rican Taxpayers Who Pay U.S. Income Tax

Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit

Taxpayers who have income subject to U.S. income tax can qualify for the child tax credit (nonrefundable) or the additional child tax credit (refundable).

The child tax credit gives eligible taxpayers $1,000 for each qualifying child. Taxpayers whose tax liability is less than the allowable nonrefundable child tax credit may be eligible to claim the refundable additional child tax credit. For these taxpayers, complete Form 8812, Part II.

More Information

If the earned income subject to federal income tax exceeds certain limitations (refer to Form 8812, Part II, line 5) , a taxpayer may qualify for this credit with one or two children. See IRC Section 933 for excluded income not considered earned to figure this credit

Top of Form 8812 showing Part I