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Social Security Benefits

Calculating the Taxable Portion

Topic Activity

Focus on Forms

Gregoria, age 66, is single and living in Puerto Rico.

This year, she received:

Received Amount
Form SSA-1099 that shows her net Social Security benefits in box 5 $11,000
Puerto Rican government pension (Gregoria already recovered the cost of her pension) $20,000
Survivor benefit pension from Office of Personnel Management (Her husband died 5 years ago) $8,000
Interest income from her saving account in a local bank of Puerto Rico $6,200

Based on these facts, complete lines 1, 2, and 8 through 19 of Gregoria's Figuring Your Taxable Benefits worksheet. Click here to open Gregoria's worksheet, complete lines 1, 2, and 8 through 19.