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Affordable Care Act Workout

Skills Workout

Certification Warm Up: Drill & Practice

  1. Milton is covered by Medicare Parts A and B for the whole year. He is not have required to make a shared responsibility payment.
  2. Joe was covered by Medicaid until February 23rd. He started a new job and his employer-sponsored health coverage started on May 1st. Does an exemption apply?
  3. If the amount the individual would have paid for the lowest cost employer-sponsored coverage available, or for self-only coverage through the Marketplace, is more than 8.05% of the taxpayer's household income for 2018, they qualify for an exemption.
  4. If a taxpayer (or anyone the taxpayer can claim as a dependent) doesn't have MEC and doesn't qualify for a coverage exemption, they will need to make an SRP when filing their tax return. The flat dollar amount for one adult in 2018 is $325.00