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Course Introduction Workout


Test Certificates

When you pass each test, the online certification test site will create a printable certificate that confirms you passed the test, with your name and the date completed. Click the Print Certificate link in the Pass/Fail column on the certification test site to create a PDF of your certificate and print it.

When you achieve the certification(s) and present your signed and dated Form 13615, your Site Coordinator or instructor may provide you with a VITA/TCE programs Form 14509, Volunteer ID Insert. The insert was created to acknowledge the accomplishment of certified volunteers, as well as to assist internal and external stakeholders in identifying certified volunteers, but is not intended to be used as proof of certification. You should bring your Form 13615 (and Form 14509 if you have one) and photo ID to the tax preparation site.


You may take the test for courses online and receive immediate feedback. Your test is scored online. If you pass the VITA/TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Ethics training, you can digitally sign, date and print your Form 13615 and tax law course certificates from Link & Learn Taxes.

VITA/TCE Certification Tests menu screen showing the score for the courses.