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Welcome to the Understanding Taxes Teacher Site

Does teaching about taxes seem as intimidating as completing your yearly tax forms? Don't worry! Understanding Taxes can be customized to fit your own personal teaching style. You have the freedom to choose which activities and methods of instruction work best to meet the needs of your students.

Teaching taxes can take a traditional approach as students complete downloaded worksheets, classroom activities, and assessment pages. Or, students can complete work online and take part in interactive activities and simulations.

what's here:

Custom Resource List
Custom Resource ListLooking for a way to customize Understanding Taxes to meet your specific classroom needs? Try creating a Custom Resource List that allows you to save lesson plans and their links for later online access.
Lesson Plans
Lesson PlansUnderstanding Taxes offers 38 lesson plans. Detailed lesson plans guide your instruction from the introduction of a given tax concept, through its development, to the lesson conclusion. Each lesson plan serves as an instructional guide on how to incorporate tax theory, history, and application into your classroom.

This also gives you the freedom to choose lesson content and activities to use in the classroom.
Educational Standards
Educational StandardsHow does Understanding Taxes support instruction in the classroom? There are links to state and national standards in each lesson.
DownloadsEach lesson includes downloadable components which can be downloaded individually or as a complete lesson pack. Downloads are in PDF format, with the exception of a series of PowerPoint™ presentations.
Tax Forms for Classroom Use Order tax forms free from the IRS for your classroom.
The Hows of Taxes
Confused about tax terms and forms? Interested in learning more about the basic concepts behind taxes? Understanding Taxes can take the mystery out of taxes. The Hows of Taxes includes 14 self-paced modules, offering a step-by-step approach to tax preparation.
The Whys of Taxes
Investigate the theory and history behind America's tax system. Who were the key players instrumental in the development of this system? What is the rationale supporting existing and past tax legislation? How can you affect your tax situation? Whatever your interest, there's something for everyone in the 24 student lessons.

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