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Understanding Taxes Help

Understanding Taxes is easy to use. To start, click either the Teacher Site or the Student Site. Next, click one of the tabs at the top of the screen:

  • Main
  • The Hows of Taxes
  • The Whys of Taxes

Sometimes during the use of Understanding Taxes there may be more than one browser window open at a time. You may need to jump between the main Understanding Taxes window and the Understanding Taxes tutorials, simulations, and associated PDF files. In order to take advantage of these many features, you will need to make sure your browser allows for pop-ups and turn off any pop-up blockers. Each browser may have a different way of doing this, so follow the Help associated with your browser to allow for popups.

To receive the full benefits of the interactive functionality of this online course, you must also have Javascript enabled on your computer.

Adobe Reader icon. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or later loaded onto your computer. Click here for further information about the forms used in Understanding Taxes or to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Understanding Taxes interface.

1. Main Tab

The Main screen provides a way to access all the features of Understanding Taxes. From this screen you can browse and interact with all the Activities, Tax Tutorials, and Simulations. In addition, you can also jump to the Hows of Taxes menu and the Whys of Taxes menu.

2. UT Home

You can jump back to the UT Home page at any time to get back to the Student and Teacher main page.

3. En Espanol

This Hows of Taxes lessons are also available in Spanish! Click this link to go to a Spanish version of the web site.

4. Tools

Understanding Taxes provides tools that you use from anywhere in the application.

  • The Glossary includes common terms and definitions used in the application. Click on the glossary to browse for terms using the letters A-Z.
  • Links are a great way to see all the web resources that are used in the application. Many of the links exit the website and go to a web site that is used in one of the Whys of Taxes lessons.
  • The Site map allows you to quickly navigate through all the different lessons on the application in one easy way. Go to the Site Map to see all the Hows of Taxes and Whys of Taxes lessons.

5. Hows of Taxes Menu

The Hows of Taxes menu page will include all the modules and associated tutorials, simulations, and assessments. Use the menu to navigate to all the lessons.

6. Whys of Taxes Menu

The Whys of Taxes menu page will include all the lessons associated activities and assessments. Use the menu to navigate to all the lessons.

7. User Survey

Don't forget to tell us what you think. We provide an easy to use online questionnaire to find out what we can do to improve this web site.

Understanding Taxes user survey.