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Tax Tutorials

Who qualifies as a dependent? What is an exemption? How do you report interest from a Form 1099? These 14 tax tutorials will guide you through the basics of tax preparation, giving you the background you need to electronically file your tax return.

For starters, check out the tax tutorials to find the answers to these frequently asked questions.

The Hows of Taxes tutorials
Do I have to claim my tips on my tax return?Module 2: Wage and Tip Income
What interest is considered tax exempt?Module 3: Interest Income
When can I claim myself as a dependent on my tax return?Module 4: Dependents
What is the difference between "married filing a joint return and married filing a separate return?"Module 5: Filing Status
What is the difference between a personal exemption and a dependency exemption?Module 6: Exemptions
What is the standard deduction for a single person?Module 7: Standard Deduction
What are the requirements for claiming the child care tax credit?Module 9: Tax Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses
How do I claim education credits?Module 10: Education Credits
What is the earned income credit and who qualifies for it?Module 11: Earned Income Credit
Will my refund arrive sooner if I have it deposited directly into my checking account?Module 12: Refund, Amount Due, and Recordkeeping
When do I have to pay self-employment tax?Module 14: Self-Employment Income and the Self-Employment Tax

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