Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury
Module 13: Electronic Tax Return Preparation and Transmission
Sim 13: Completing a Tax Return Using Head of Household Filing Status
Madison Mailey

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Name: Madison R. Mailey

Employment: Caterer

Marital status: Single

Spouse's name (if any): N/A

Children: Robyn, age 7

U.S. citizen: Yes

Other: Robyn lived with you during the entire tax year in the family home. No one except Robyn depends on you for income or support. No one else can claim you as a dependent. While you are at work, Robyn stays at the Anytown Daycare Center, tax identification number 10-0124578. You meet all the qualifications to claim Head of Household filing status. Robyn did not have any income for the year. You provided all of the support for Robyn. You provided all of the costs to maintain the family home. During the tax year, you paid $2,365 for daycare for Robyn while you were at work. You did not receive dependent care assistance from your employer.

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