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Module 4: Dependents

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Sim 4C: Identifying Dependents
Simulation Info: Sandya Prashad; Marital status: Single; Background: You work for a consulting firm and live with your widowed father.

You are single and have no children. You live in the United States. You can not be claimed as a dependent on any other person's return.

You work for a consulting firm. Your sources of income are your job and interest income.

For the last two years, your widowed father, who is 83 years old and is a U.S. citizen, has lived with you. You provide more than half of the support for your father.

It's the last day of the year. You have earned $61,617 from your job and $2,010 in interest income. Your father earned $5,895 in interest income during the year.

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