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Module 4: Dependents

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Sim 4B: Identifying Dependents as a Single Taxpayer with Children
Simulation Info: Samantha Nichols; Marital status: Single; Background: You work as a computer operator for the Midlands Paper Company and have a 5-year-old daughter.

You are single. You live in the United States. You have one child, Joanna, who is five years old. You work as a computer operator for the Midlands Paper Company. You can not be claimed as a dependent on any other person's return.

Joanna lived with you for the entire year. Joanna's support comes from you and her father. You and Joanna's father were never married.

Each month, Joanna's father sends you a $200 check for child support. You spend an additional $700 a month providing support for Joanna, including her food, clothing, medical expenses, and half of the housing costs. In the summer, Joanna spent a two-week vacation with her father.

You receive your Form W-2 from Midlands. You have earned $39,125 from your job.

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