Tips and Guidance for Determining Sales Tax Deduction

The Sales Tax Deduction Calculator is composed of 5 sections:

  • Tax Year Selection
  • General Tax Information
  • Residential Information
  • Confirmation
  • Results

In order to help you determine your Sales Tax Deduction, we will ask you a series of questions. Here are some tips for answering the questions:

  • Allow approximately 5-10 minutes to complete this tool
  • This session will expire after 20 minutes of idle time, if your session expires you will be redirected to this screen
  • Please answer all questions on each page
  • This application works best when JavaScript is enabled
  • Please use the continue button and provided links to navigate the application; use of the browser back is not recommended and may lead to invalid data
  • The mouse pointer turns into a Mouse cursor with question mark when it is over certain blue, underlined text (links)
  • These links can be clicked to display help information in pop-up windows
Sample pop-up window

The following documents may be useful to have while using the application:

  • W-2 form for selected tax year
  • Sales receipts showing sales tax paid for specified items
  • Previous residential addresses for selected tax year

NOTE: The information you provided is anonymous and will be used for purposes of this calculation. It will not be shared, stored or used in any other way, nor can it be used to identify the individual who enters it. It will be discarded when you exit this program.