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Product Number Not sorted Help on Form Number Title Not sorted Help on Form Title Revision Date Not sorted Help on Revision Date Posted Date Sorted Descending Help on Posted Date
Form 7004 Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns 1218 12/06/2018
Form 1120-F Schedules M-1, M-2 Reconciliation of Income (Loss) and Analysis of Unappropriated Retained Earnings per Books 2018 12/06/2018
Form 1120-F (Schedule V) List of Vessels or Aircraft, Operators, and Owners 2018 12/06/2018
Form 1120-F (Schedule S) Exclusion of Income from the International Operation of Ships or Aircraft Under Section 883 2018 12/06/2018
Form 1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding 2018 12/06/2018
Form 709 United States Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return 2018 12/06/2018
Inst 8854 Instructions for Form 8854, Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement 2018 12/04/2018
Form 8846 Credit for Employer Social Security and Medicare Taxes Paid on Certain Employee Tips 2018 12/04/2018
Form 8815 Exclusion of Interest From Series EE and I U.S. Savings Bonds Issued After 1989 2018 12/04/2018
Inst 8804 (Schedule A) Instructions for Schedule A (Form 8804), Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Section 1446 Tax by Partnerships 2018 12/04/2018
Form 8804 (Schedule A) Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Section 1446 Tax by Partnerships 2018 12/04/2018
Form 8610 Annual Low-Income Housing Credit Agencies Report 2018 12/04/2018
Form 8453-FE U.S. Estate or Trust Declaration for an IRS e-file Return 2018 12/04/2018
Form 6729-P Partner Return Review Sheet 1118 12/04/2018
Form 5498-QA ABLE Account Contribution Information 2019 12/04/2018
Form 5471 (Schedule J) Accumulated Earnings and Profits (E&P) of Controlled Foreign Corporation 1218 12/04/2018
Form 5471 Information Return of U.S. Persons With Respect To Certain Foreign Corporations 1218 12/04/2018
Inst 1120-S (Schedule M-3) Instructions for Schedule M-3 (Form 1120-S), Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for S Corporations With Total Assets of $10 Million or More 2018 12/04/2018
Inst 1118 (Schedule K) Instructions for Schedule K (Form 1118), Foreign Tax Carryover Reconciliation Schedule 1218 12/04/2018
Inst 1118 (Schedule J) Instructions for Schedule J (Form 1118), Adjustments to Separate Limitation Income (Loss) Categories for Determining Numerators of Limitation Fractions 1218 12/04/2018
Inst 1099-QA and 5498-QA Instructions for Forms 1099-QA and 5498-QA, Distributions from ABLE Accounts and ABLE Account Contribution Information 2019 12/04/2018
Form 1041 U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts 2018 12/04/2018
Inst 1040-C Instructions for Form 1040-C, U.S. Departing Alien Income Tax Return 2019 12/04/2018
Inst 1040 (Schedule SE) Instructions for Schedule SE (Form 1040), Self-Employment Tax 2018 12/04/2018
Inst 990 or 990-EZ (Sch G) Instructions for Schedule G (Form 990 or 990-EZ), Supplemental Information Regarding Fundraising or Gaming Activities 2018 12/04/2018

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