Chief Counsel (CC) Notices
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Chief Counsel (CC) Notices are directives that provide interim guidance, furnish temporary procedures, describe changes in litigating positions, or announce administrative information. Notices providing interim guidance or instructions to staff are designed to be incorporated into the Chief Counsel Directives Manual (CCDM), but are issued as Notices to provide immediate notification of important policy or procedural changes.

The following list presents the Notices that have not been incorporated into the CCDM yet, or otherwise remain active.

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Number Not sorted Help on Number Subject Not sorted Help on Subject Issued Sorted Descending Help on Issued
CC-2021-006 Personnel Announcement 02/26/2021
CC-2021-005 Correspondence to the Tax Division 02/11/2021
CC-2021-004 Correspondence to the Tax Division 01/26/2021
CC-2021-003 Chief Counsel Signature Block 01/19/2021
CC-2021-002 U.S. Tax Court's New Electronic Filing System - DAWSON (Docket Access Within a Secure Online Network) 12/08/2020
CC-2021-001 Settlement of Syndicated Conservation Easement Transaction in Cases Docketed Before the U.S. Tax Court Additional Information 10/01/2020
CC-2020-008 Examples Relating to Disclosure of Third Party Tax Information in Syndicated Conservation Easement Matters 09/08/2020
CC-2020-007 Communication with Taxpayers or Representatives by Email 06/15/2020
CC-2020-006 Transmitting Large Files Electronically to Department of Justice, Tax Division, Using JEFS 05/11/2020
CC-2020-005 Procedures Related to Electronic Clearance and Digital Signatures for Office of Chief Counsel Documents and Regulations 04/01/2020
CC-2020-004 Form and Appearance of Tax Court Documents 03/12/2020
CC-2020-003 Procedures for Coordination of Cases Involving Virtual Currency 10/22/2019
CC-2020-002 Communication with Taxpayers or Representatives by Email 10/18/2019
CC-2020-001 Communication with Representatives Who Have Filed a Limited Entry of Appearance 10/04/2019
CC-2019-006 Policy Statement on the Tax Regulatory Process 09/17/2019
CC-2019-005 Transmitting Large Files Electronically to Department of Justice, Tax Division, Using JEFS 07/17/2019
CC-2019-004 Interest and Penalties on Restitution-Based Assessments 06/27/2019
CC-2019-003 Chief Counsel Signature Block In Instances of Chief Counsel Recusal 03/05/2019
CC-2019-002 Chief Counsel Signature Block 03/04/2019
CC-2019-001 CC:TEGE Name Change to CC:EEE 01/30/2019
CC-2018-009 Headings for Tax Court Briefs 07/10/2018
CC-2018-008 Tax Court Case Docketed when no Notice of Deficiency was Issued (Premature Petitions) 07/06/2018
CC-2018-007 Delegation of Authority to Hear and Decide Disciplinary Appeals Under Circular 230 07/03/2018
CC-2018-006 Section 6751(b) Compliance Issues for Penalties in Litigation 06/06/2018
CC-2018-005 Passport Actions Under Section 7345 04/06/2018

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