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IRS Free File Online Options

Do your taxes online for free with an IRS Free File provider.

If your adjusted gross income (AGI) was $73,000 or less, review each provider’s offer to make sure you qualify. Some offers include a free state tax return.

Use the IRS Free File Lookup Tool to narrow your list of providers or the Browse All Offers page to see a full list of providers. After selecting one of the IRS Free File offers, you will leave the website.

Find Your Best Option

  1. Use the IRS Free File Lookup Tool or the Browse All Offers page to identify your providers
  2. Enter your information
  3. Select a provider
  4. Prepare and file your federal return online

What You Will Need

  • Income statements like W2s or 1099s
  • Adjustments to income
  • Dependent and spouse information, if applicable
  • Prior Year AGI or Prior Year Self-Select PIN

Browse All Providers

Review the full list of providers and use the filters to narrow the search.

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IRS Free File Online Lookup Tool

Let the easy-to-use tool find your provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note: A state tax return is not required to receive a free federal tax return.