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Adjustments to Income

IRA Contributions

Filing Status and Income

The IRA Deduction Worksheet indicates the income limits for deducting IRA contributions, based on the filing status of the return, for taxpayers or spouses who are covered by a retirement plan. Use the worksheet to calculate the MAGI by subtracting certain other adjustments to income from the total income on the return.

Notice that the income limitation amount may be different for each spouse on a joint return, but the MAGI computation is the same. This is because, if one spouse is covered by a retirement plan but the other is not, the non-covered spouse will have a higher income limit before the IRA deduction is phased out.

If the MAGI is greater than the income limits, the deduction cannot be taken. If this is the case, explain to the taxpayers why the deduction cannot be taken and answer any questions they may have. The contribution can still be made, it is just not deductible.

Click here to view the IRA Deduction Worksheet in the Form 1040 Instructions.

Top portion of IRA Deduction Worksheet.
IRA Deduction Worksheet

IRA Deduction Worksheet