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Course Introduction

Tax Preparation Software

Tax Software

Most sites use the IRS-sponsored tax preparation software. The tax software assists in preparing returns and also includes a help feature to assist in understanding the application of tax law.

If you are working at a site that uses tax preparation software, you will need to become familiar with the particular software being used at your site. IRS contracts with a specific software company to provide software for use in the VITA/TCE programs.

Since the majority of sites use tax preparation software and is highly encouraged, IRS training materials are geared to the use of the software in both desktop and online (internet-based) versions.

Your instructor and/or Site Coordinator will provide you with the information, user names, and passwords required for logging on to the program for training and/or tax preparation purposes.

The Volunteer Resource Guide contains step-by-step procedures for electronic return preparation and helpful hints for using the IRS-provided tax software within each applicable tax law topic. Information about completing the return is listed in the Volunteer Resource Guide, Finishing the Return tab.

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