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Course Introduction

Maintaining Taxpayers' Trust

Privacy Policy

Taxpayers will trust that all information you receive from them is protected from disclosure. To maintain this trust:

  • Do not disclose any personal tax information gained as a result of the service provided.
  • Do not openly discuss taxpayers by name in the presence of other volunteers or taxpayers. You may discuss tax situations with other volunteers. For example, a volunteer may refer to a situation (not a taxpayer) and ask or give advice about the appropriate tax treatment for that specific situation.
  • Do not retain taxpayers' documents for a follow-up visit. If you cannot fully complete the taxpayer's return at the time of service, return all documents to the taxpayer.
  • Do not take taxpayers' information for preparation of the return outside the presence of the taxpayer.
  • Do not prepare a tax return when you suspect an individual is not providing truthful information.
  • Do not exclude any of the taxpayer's relevant income or expenses, regardless of whether it increases or decreases the amount of tax due or refund.
Volunteer interviewing taxpayer.