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Course Introduction


Test Certificates

When you pass each test, the online certification test site will create a printable certificate that confirms you passed the test, with your name and the date completed. Click the Print Certificate link in the Pass/Fail column on the certification test site to create a PDF of your certificate and print it.

In addition, your Site Coordinator or instructor may provide you with a Volunteer ID Card (Form 14509). The ID card is used to display the identity of volunteers working at VITA/TCE sites for the benefit of taxpayers, as mandated by IRS/SPEC policy. It fits into a vinyl badge holder with elastic cord for volunteers to wear around their neck. The ID Insert shows the volunteer's name, certification level, and additional specialty certifications on the front; it has a line for the approving official's name on the back. The ID card will be used at all times when working with VITA/TCE customers. This credential provides an objective measure that you have mastered enough tax law to prepare returns. If provided, you should bring your ID card to the tax preparation site.


You may take the test for courses online and receive immediate feedback. Your test is scored online. If you pass the Volunteer Standards of Conduct training, you can digitally sign and print your Form 13615 and tax law course certificates from Link & Learn Taxes.

VITA/TCE Certification Tests menu screen showing the score for the courses.