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Course Introduction

Teacher Training Materials

Teacher Training Tools

Each of the Link & Learn lessons includes a teacher training page which has all the same materials as the student, but also includes a teacher lesson plan. The teacher lesson pages are accessed from the certification menu or by toggling to the Teacher Tab from the lesson page.

The teacher lesson pages will:

  • Provide step by step instructions on recommended teaching approaches for the lesson using Link & Learn Taxes.
  • Link to visual aids and Internet links
  • Link to 4491-W and other practice exercises
  • Provide teacher presentation time
  • Link to Student site
  • Link to materials to teach this lesson
  • Link to the Teacher Lesson Plan
  • Link to a Presentation in PDF format

Practice-lab icon Clicking the Lesson Plan icon opens an Adobe Acrobat PDF file with hyperlinks to external materials recommended to teach the lesson. Click here to see an example of a teacher lesson plan.

Link & Learn Taxes teacher lesson page.