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Course Introduction

Student Certification Paths

Returning Student Optional Shortcut

Returning students are those individuals who have served as volunteer preparers for VITA/TCE in the past, and have received previous VITA/TCE training. Volunteers who are returning students, may not need all of the instruction that a new student requires. This course is a collection of changes to tax law for 2014. You are encouraged to view the Returning Student lesson that pertains to the certifications in Basic and Advanced. You can get to the Returning Student Lessons by going to the Home page of Link & Learn Taxes and select the link, click here to see the content of each course.

Two choices are available from the Returning Student optional shortcut. You may:

  1. Take the certification tests without the benefit of training, or
  2. Take the training as a refresher course

Here are the minimal training requirements:

  • Returning Student Lesson
  • Complete and pass the VITA/TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Ethics training and test
  • Complete the Intake/Interview and Quality Review training
  • Sign and date Form 13615 prior to working at a VITA/TCE site
  • To prepare tax returns in the VITA/TCE programs, you must then pass at least the Basic certification test
Collage: Volunteer and Returning Student introduction screen.