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Course Introduction

Student Certification Paths

Selecting Your Certification Path

Take the training course(s) and associated certification test(s) that pertain to the type of returns you will be preparing. The instructions for taking the courses online differ from the instructions for the certification testing.

Each Link & Learn Taxes course is self-contained:

  • The Basic menu includes only the Basic course lessons
  • The Advanced menu includes all the required Advanced lessons
  • The Military menu includes all the required Military lessons
  • The International menu includes all the required International lessons

The Health Savings Accounts (HSA) optional specialty course available on Link & Learn Taxes is for volunteers with Basic certification or higher.

Read through the descriptions on the following screens to determine which courses apply to you. If you are not sure which courses to take, ask your Sponsor or Site Coordinator for assistance. It is strongly encouraged for volunteers to certify at the Advanced level.

More Information

Relevant portions Form 1040 are highlighted to provide familiarity and relevance.

Military and International course menus.