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What's New This Year

Tax Forms and Schedules

Schedule D

Line 1 has been divided into lines 1a and 1b to report certain transactions directly on Form 1040, Schedule D without filing Form 8949 to report of each transaction separately. Line 1a may be used to report the totals from short-term transactions reported on Form 1099-B for which:

  • Basis was reported to the IRS
  • There are no adjustments and no codes

Line 8 has been divided into lines 8a and 8b. Lines 8a through 10 have been revised to reference Boxes D, E, and F of Form 8949 (instead of Boxes A, B, and C, respectively). A corresponding change has been made to Form 8949.

Schedule D Tax Worksheet

New lines 24 through 32 were added to the worksheet to compute the amount subject to a 20% maximum capital gains rate.

Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses.